Deciding to pack up our lives

It seems to be the right of passage for young Australians to pack themselves up and go travel the world to find themselves.

Our story isn’t quite like that. We had always spoken of our desire to move overseas to work so then we’d be able to have long weekends gallivanting around Europe. The day we realised it probably wouldn’t work out this way we said stuff it, let’s just go on a really long holiday.

Not that it was an easy to decision to pack up and put our lives on hold, considering we’ve got a house, stable jobs and a one year old Bernese pup, Thor.

We’ve spoken about travelling to Africa for a long time now, we originally wanted to go there for our honeymoon but circumstances didn’t work out. As fate would have it,   Tash now lives and works in Somalia and Ruth had been planning a visit ever since she moved there.

so coincidently we sit here on our one year wedding anniversary ready to embark on our trip of a lifetime. First up Dubai, then onto Kenya to meet Tash and Ruth.

Hopefully we’ll keep the blog up to date with our adventures so you can all get a massive case of FOMO.

Love Gemma & Lachie


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